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Bella Ciao - ORIGINALE

BattleForTelenuovo | 02:07 | 78,286,943

Una mattina mi sono svegliato, o bella, ciao! bella, ciao! bella, ciao, ciao, ciao! Una mattina mi sono svegliato, e ho trovato l'invasor. O...

Bella Ciao -Original Song

Sir Francis Bacon | 02:07 | 61

Bella Ciao - Original Song "Bella Ciao" means Farewell Beautiful in Italian. It is the anthem of anti-fascist, communist, revolutionary and...

Bella Ciao

Sebastian Giangregorio | 02:38 | 23,046,961

"Bella ciao" is an Italian partisan song of World War II. I take no credit for the creation of the music or the image used in the video, I just...

Bella ciao (english subtitles)

AlexanderRadek1 | 02:42 | 2,923,620

The song Bella Ciao was sung by the left-wing anti-fascist resistance movement in Italy, a movement by anarchists, communists, socialists and other...

Bella ciao legendado (PT BR)

Kriegshelden | 02:14 | 1,289,872

homenagem a todos os her贸is italianos que lutaram na segunda guerra mundial n茫o h谩 apologia nenhuma neste canal, o conte煤do mostrado aqui al茅m de...

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