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DAISY Reader Tutorial

PRLsystem | 07:32 | 14,584

There are a number of DAISY readers available for loan at public libraries throughout the Parkland Regional Library system. These readers are ideal...

4 Blaze EZ

ccvipatbaruch | 08:35 | 245

The Blaze EZ by HIMS is an OCR device that fits in the palm of your hand. CCVIP's Gus Chalkias demonstrates.

PTX1 DAISY PLAYER - Basic Features Guide

Vision Australia Information Library Service | 04:53 | 3,828

The DAISY machine is a simple device for people with a print disability. This video provides an overview of the different buttons and functions. It...

Talking book players from GLASS

Georgia Libraries for Accessible Statewide Services (GLASS) | 00:41 | 256

Talking book players allow GLASS patrons who are unable to read standard print to listen to talking books. This video shows the two free players...

Build Better CRM Charts

MSDynamicsWorld | 00:33 | 364

Creating charts in CRM is really easy, but going beyond the basics can be frustrating - the GUI chart editor is very limited, and the results are...

DAISY talking books on your device

Vision Australia Information Library Service | 00:39 | 659

Vision Australia provides free talking books to people with a print disability all across Australia -- You can now...

Queen Adreena - Spider spider

Dollicious | 03:01 | 2,211

QueenAdreena / Ride a Cock Horse (Album) - 1999 Art Image By: imxanxillusion {darling can you read braille} -Spider spider- spider spider, on the...

T6 Daisy Book Player

Special Needs Computer Solutions | 03:07 | 89

T6 Daisy Book Player. T6 daisy book player is a perfect digital book player designed for the blind and visually impaired to access to music, media,...

EasyReader (part 3)

rscnescotland | 03:31 | 787

Dolphins EasyReader provides a range of features, including bookmarking , a useful search utility and the ability to customise the reader to suit a...

Introduction to UKAAF Techshare 2020

UKAAF - The Accessible Information Channel | 31:28 | 1

This video introduces UKAAF and accessible information. It provides historical context including recent laws, explains how people are affected by...

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